Friday, July 30, 2010

Selling my girlfriend's bed to an ex

There hasn't been much in the way of spare blogging time lately. I'm moving this weekend.

Writress already has all her stuff basically packed up. She's bringing some of it over to my place tonight so we'll be able to drop it off tomorrow once we have our keys. She doesn't have too much furniture, so I think we'll be able to take her stuff and my stuff over in one trip.

We decided to take my bed to the new apartment. Writress's bed was given to her by a friend, who said she should just sell it rather than deal with the expense/hassle of giving it back. So using craigslist we tried to find someone, with no luck. Then I posted on Facebook about it. I got one response. It was a girl I used to go out with.

My first summer in LA I dated a girl, let's call her Boo. She was interning out her before her final year of college, so it was meant to be a fun summer thing. I was still in my post-CollegeGirlfriend phase and wasn't looking for anything too serious. Boo got very into me, and it became more of a relationship than either of us anticipated, but before things progressed too much she went back to school. She still had interest in getting back together when she got out of school, but she only spent a couple weeks out her after she graduated (during which time I made a point not to hook up with her and restart the cycle) before she went overseas for the next year or so.

When she finally got back to LA, I was dating Writress already. So Boo and I have seen each other a few times since then, and she even came to my birthday beer tasting and there was no drama. Nevertheless, I tried to make an effort not to rub my new relationship in her face.

So the reason Boo responded about the bed is that she's looking to move in a month, and wants a new bed. She asked me if it was my mattress, thinking it would be funny since she helped me pick it out during that summer we were dating and hooking up all the time. When she heard that it was Writress's and not mine, she still wanted it. So rather than getting the bed she once had sex with me on, she's getting the bed that I've had sex with another girl on.

A friend of ours had already told her that I was moving in with Writress, so luckily I was spared any awkwardness there. It seems like Boo is truly over me at this point, and for that I'm glad because she's a very nice girl and it would be nice to be able to see her without worrying that I was giving her the wrong impression in some way.

We're dropping the bed at her place before loading up the truck with all my stuff. We'll see if it's awkward, but I'm thinking it won't be. I think that this is good, and maybe I can finally get to the point that I can genuinely remain friends with someone I've slept with. Not that I'm on bad terms with exes, we just don't hang out ever or talk much.

But likely the next time I post on this blog it will not only be August, but I will officially be cohabitating with my girlfriend. Stay tuned for what follows.

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