Friday, August 28, 2009

Fun with self-medication

I think a spider or something bit me overnight because yesterday and today one of my eyelids has been a bit puffy. I decided this morning to do something about it.

I took some Benadryl, but historically that stuff conks me right out, and I didn't have the luxury of napping all morning since I have to be at work. Nor did I want to just take it and try driving etc...

So instead, I got a big cup of black coffee, drank it, then took a Benadryl to try and counteract the swelling. Since I've weaned myself off needing coffee everyday, it actually has an effect.

So far it's been about 45 minutes and there's been no sleepiness. There is the caffeine rush however. My hands feel slightly shakey, and I think I'm speaking even faster than normal (and if you ever heard me speak, you'd know that I normally speak way too fast anyway, so faster than normal is like the dude from those old Micromachines commercials).

And with that, back to work. I get off an hour early tonight since I came in an hour early on Monday, and I'm gonna go see The Hurt Locker on the Paramount Lot with Writress, so I'm pretty psyched.

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