Monday, December 7, 2009


I'm a story junkie. Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved telling stories, being told stories, reading great stories, and watching great movies and TV.

Then came the video games. Specifically, RPG's. Even more specifically, Bioware RPG's. That company makes story writing the very most important element of their work, which is why their games always elicit great joy in me.

Case in point, I got a copy of Dragon Age: Origins when I was shopping on Cyber-Monday and got a great deal. This past weekend went to playing that game with the Writress. While it is technically a one-player game, you spend most of the time making choices, and choosing dialogue. These are things you can do with a friend or two, and the game is engaging to watch. We're playing this great choose-your-own-adventure with awesome cause-and-effect stuff going on, and it's just great.

I call it "story-crack" because it's so addictive and fun for story freaks like me and the Writress. It's a rainy day here in Los Angeles, and LA's version of winter has settled in so it's a chilly high of 55 degrees. I was gonna have drinks with an agency assistant/aspiring writer tonight, but I'm postponing them because all I wanna do is get comfy with the Writress and kill darkspawn. She was about to text me that all she wanted to do tonight was that as well when I sent her the message. We're very in sync like that, which is why she's great.

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