Thursday, January 7, 2010

Girls that have "girlfriends"

I had drinks with another assistant last night. She and I had similar interests, and ended up having a pretty fun conversation. My tv watching habits came up, and so I mentioned that I watch a lot of hulu with my aspiring tv writer girlfriend (you all know her as the Writress). During the rest of the conversation and when I walked her out to her car, this girl asked more questions about Writress.

I wasn't really sure what her motivations were on that. I don't know her well enough. I do however, know one reason that girls ask a lot of questions about a girlfriend they don't know: they might be attracted to you. In college, I got that a lot. Girls I saw on a daily basis who had a somewhat flirty relationship with me were always asking, "hey, how's [CollegeGirlfriend]?". They didn't know her, they never did, but some of them were clearly asking because we got along well, and it was a good way of asking, "hey, are you single?" There's also the fact that girls find it sweet that I like to talk about my girlfriend sometimes, and that's another reason why those questions get asked.

I made facebook friends with this assistant from last night this morning, and her relationship status is "it's complicated" with another girl from her college. And here's the thing: I can't tell if it's a for real relationship, or if it's one of those situations where college girls have a close best friend and think it's hilarious that they joke about "dating" each other. She's got pictures of the two of them having date-esque dinners and hugging all the time, but really, there's no way to tell.

I'm hoping it is a real relationship, and not for the reason most of you think. If this girl is straight and just joking with her friend, she's kind of a cliche. If she happens to be dating a girl for real, that's actually pretty interesting. She'd clearly have a very different perspective than I do on this town and industry, and I'd probably enjoy becoming better friends with her.

So here's a plea: girls, don't put a fake relationship out there like that. Especially when you're nearly three years out of college.

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