Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finding Time

I use my google Calendar hooked up to my blackberry to keep track of everything going on in my life. If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to remember everything I'm supposed to do that week and double book all the time. Plus this way I can look back at my old appointments to remember when I did stuff. It's tough remembering exactly when something in your past happened when there's no difference in weather to use as a reference.

So looking at that calendar, I find that there's very little spare time on it. My day job takes up pretty much my entire week. I can fit in something for a couple hours after work most nights, but that's pretty much it, and if I have something scheduled every night, I feel swamped because I'm trying to fit in the life of an aspiring writer on top of a time-sucking day job.

First, I need to schedule in time to write. I have my spec class every other tuesday, and I need to schedule in time for me to do the work for that class. Plus I have the pilot that I'm working on with my roommate which we work on Thursday nights. Now I'm adding in a cross country work session with my buddy from high school to work on a feature script idea of ours on Wednesday nights.

Second I need to schedule in the other aspects of my life which inform the writing. This includes seeing the significant movies that have been released, staying caught up with some of the popular tv shows (Hulu makes this easier since I can't afford cable), and reading for pleasure since I enjoy it and Stephen King recommends it as an important way to improve as a writer (I even joined a book club that meets once a month).

And lastly there's my actual life (which is also something that informs and inspires the writing). I have friends that I try to stay in touch with and see whenever possible, which is a lot harder when we're not all living in the same dorm anymore.

I'm also fitting in a lot of time with the new girl. Still not sure exactly what our status is, but we've been seeing a lot of each other over the last month and a half, and more often than not that includes some kind of sleepover, so that entire night is lost to anything else (not that I'm complaining, I very much enjoy it, especially after going without this kind of thing in my life for a while). She's very fun to hang out with, and saucy in ways that make me very thankful I'm living the single life with girls like her instead of getting engaged like my ex just did. She even brought me to a strip club this past weekend, which is something I never thought I'd do with a girl I was dating, but it was her idea and we had a lot of fun (NOTE: Strippers LOVE hot girls who show up in the club. They do all sorts of extra crazy stuff for them).

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