Monday, November 24, 2008

"Nobody Takes Vacations in Hollywood"

I got to work this morning and was talking to a guy here about whether or not it's a good idea to submit projects to people right before they leave for Thanksgiving.

I'm of the opinion that people will take a break from work, and likely forget about random submissions, so it's better to get them when they come back to the office. Unless it's hugely important, who's going to ignore family they haven't seen in a year to read a 7-page treatment for a movie?

My buddy in the office is of the opinion that most people are workaholics and holidays are a great time to catch up on work. He said, "Nobody takes vacations in Hollywood." I'm still not convinced.

And I definitely intend to make Thanksgiving a vacation. I'm going back east to experience some cold weather, see my family, eat some turkey, and relax since I haven't had a day off in months. I don't get paid enough to sacrifice a holiday to pointless work.

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