Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Haven't had time to post

I haven't had time to post in the last few days, but I just had to squeeze in a moment to talk about how much Writress knocked it out of the part with my birthday.

She made me pancakes on the morning of, was luckily able to get out of work in time to go out for dinner and drinks with me and a friend that night, and was an amazing host for the beer tasting party on Saturday. She put the whole night together, acted as an amazing hostess, and went above and beyond the call of girlfriend duty. She even baked me a cake rather than buy one. Yep, this girl is awesome. This birthday was automatically better than last year, but because of her it was a great one.

My roommate made sure to wish me a happy birthday with gusto, and got me a present that showed some thought this year, so that's a plus. Not sure if he realized what a douche he'd been last year, but for the moment, all is well on that front.

On the writing front, I've been starting to work on things a bit more during my lunch breaks, especially this week since I'm kinda broke until I get paid tomorrow, so I've been packing a lunch at home and eating in my car. With that extra time I've been doing a bit of writing.

I fixed a lot of the problems with my Castle beat-sheet, and I think it's really starting to take form in interesting and fun ways. I want to get it done in time to submit to the Warner Bros program again this year, but that'll be tough as I've never written anything that fast before. I think if I get it done it'll be a great sample for me, applicable to a lot of different shows.

I've also got a couple other projects distracting me. A friend of mine wants me to write a short for him, and I've been working on a half hour single cam comedy script with one of my brother's college friends. He's a funny guy, but he'd never written a pilot before, so a lot of what I've been bringing to the table is how to structure and build a story that can run for 100 episodes. It's also looking pretty good and taking shape fast, so that's a good thing. The roommate has been crazy busy recently with these comedy shorts he's working on, so we haven't had a chance to polish the pilot we've been working on forever yet, but hopefully we'll get that done soon so we can move on to a new project together, maybe a comedy feature.

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