Friday, June 26, 2009

Continued Job Hunt

I had a pretty good interview earlier this week, but if this current economy has taught me anything, it's that a great interview isn't always enough anymore.

There was time in my life where every job I interviewed for, I got. I suppose it's just harder to seem impressive these days when I'm in my chosen industry alongside hundreds of other people in my shoes applying for the same jobs.

Even when I was applying to Harvard, I'm pretty sure I got in on the strength of an interview I had (I made the admissions lady laugh. I guess I was pretty charming back when I was 18). Now I'm crossing my fingers and following up in what ways I can. I'm hesitant to even write about it here, since talking about something I look forward to has always been the best way to jinx it in my experience.

The bright side of my continued unemployment is that I will be able to go visit my family for a week over the 4th of July this year. Originally I wanted to go back later in the summer when my brother would be there as well, but if I do happen to get a job in the next week or two I don't want to take time off when I'm still new to whatever office it might be. Plus, 4th of July is great on Cape Cod.

Writress started her first job this week, which means we aren't hanging out 24/7 anymore, but since we were like that for pretty much the first 3 weeks of going out, I think it's okay. Things are still going well, and apparently I even got the "we like him" from her parents after meeting her dad. It all feels much more relationshippy than anything has since college, but I think that's because I'm finally ready for that.

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