Friday, June 19, 2009

Roommate tension

Again, I haven't posted much of late. Aside from things still going well with Writress, the only other thing going on is that the temporary roommate has been even more of a pain in the ass of late.

He's been passive-aggressively trying to bait me for weeks now. He acts like I'm intruding on his space anytime I'm not just sitting out of sight in my own bedroom, even when I'm just sitting in the living room in the middle of the day watching something/playing something on the Xbox that I paid for. It acts as the communal DVD player, and a sort of OnDemand machine since I bought a wireless adapter for it, and paid for XboxLive (which I almost never use for online gaming) because that gives us access to our instant Netflix Queue on the TV. He uses the xbox all the time, and honestly has an attitude like I'm encroaching on his space if I momentarily prevent him from being able to sit on the futon that I paid for and watch stuff on it. Basically, he was fine with me living there when I was working and out of the apartment most of the time. When I lost my job and have been home during the day more, he no longer has his way with everything. At least he's only around for another few weeks.

My other roommate, the guy I moved out here with, doesn't want to get stuck in the middle. But frankly, he's not that in the middle. He seems to be mostly on the other guy's side even though he acknowledges that I'm not the awful roommate/person the other guy is trying to make me out to be. Roommate use to be my best friend. I don't know what happened, but over the course of the past year I seem to have been demoted in status, which pisses me off. He's a nice guy, but there just isn't nearly as much loyalty in him as I once thought. He's been boxing me out more and more over the past year, to the point that I feel more like a guy renting a room in his apartment than I feel like his friend. If I didn't live with him, say if I started renting a studio apt by myself (which might actually be cheaper for me anyway) I doubt I'd ever see the guy anymore.

Once the invader is gone in a couple weeks I'm going to sit down with Roommate and have an honest discussion about this. Frankly it's been upseting me more than it should. And if he really hasn't noticed anything wrong with how things have been going the past year I'd be surprised.

At least I have Writress to kick around with now. It's been about a month since we met and she's still great. I even told my family about her, which isn't something I've done about girls I've dated since CollegeEx (definitely didn't tell the folks about MissCrazy). I see this going for a long time, and it's good. I remember when I first moved out here thinking that the kind of girl I'd end up with would be another tv writer. I don't think other people understand it. She's kind of the girl I've been waiting to meet since I realized I wanted to do this with my llife.

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