Thursday, May 6, 2010

Double-Whammy of Networking

Despite the fact that I really need some time to get some writing done, I plan to go out the next two nights to networking events for writers. I haven't been to events like this in a while, so I'm overdue. Really the only people I ever seem to interact with in person these days are my bosses, Writress, and little bits of conversation here and there with my roommate and his girlfriend.

My manager friend who's been a help with reading my material and getting me a cable network meeting has just decided to leave LA and join the family business (not entertainment industry). While I wish him well, this does leave me in the market for new quasi-representation. All the more reason for me to interact with other writers tonight. Perhaps the fact that my go-to-guy is gone will lead people to suggest other representation for me, since it's not like I'm just some random guy who can't get anyone to read his stuff. The other wild card is my current boss. He kinda offered to read my pilot months ago when he gave me permission to take a morning off for that cable meeting, but he said to contact him after the holidays. Well as soon as the holidays were over, pilot season started and we've been crazy busy ever since. Now six months have gone by, and he hasn't brought it up again. I'm pondering if/when I should ask him if he still wants to read my stuff.

Last night was kind of a bust for getting writing done. Things were in full Apartment clean up mode when I got home, since Roommate's dad is coming into town today. I pitched in and did my part, then just as I was about to sit down to eat before writing Writress called with the happy news that she was getting off work at a decent hour. She's been sick and we haven't had time to hang out for a while, so we took the time to catch up on a couple shows and do some laundry instead. Now I REALLY have to buckle down and find time to work though, while still fitting in these networking events.

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