Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big life news, and apparantly I have readers

It would appear that there are people who actually read this blog, which is somewhat surprising as I haven't ever done anything to promote it other than having it listed as my website when making a comment on John August's blog or something like that. So to those of you out there reading this other than me, welcome, and I'll make more of an effort to be entertaining on here. Half the time I just throw stuff up here to help me remember it later, and I'm writing in between phone calls at work.

And to the haters of my anecdote about playing with kids with Writress, the only reason I know she was happy that I was good with kids is that she literally told me that later that night. Without it having to be said outright, it was clear that the weekend was a kind of dry run to see how I was with the potential in-laws, and she was really psyched that I seemed to pass with flying colors.

Ok, now that that's dealt with, on to the big life news. No, it's not about me and Writress, although things are at a really good place with her right now. Really this is someone else's big news, but I'm now a part of it.

My older brother called me last night. That in itself is unusual, since most of the time when we keep in touch I'm the one calling him as he's terrible at remembering to bring his phone with him places and calling home. I end up calling him (and most other people back home) when I'm driving around LA. When he calls me, I know something's up or he has a specific question he feels I'm the only one who can answer.

Now for relevant back story, my brother and I are almost two years apart. He saw me as his "little brother" until mid-way through his senior year in high school when he realized he was dating a girl that was younger than me, and his friends all liked hanging out with me. Once he started college and I periodically started to visit him, we got along great. Now whenever we talk or hang out, we have a great time together.

So getting back to the story, he called me up last night so I knew something was up. He said he wanted to talk to his brother about this first, and he hadn't talked about it with anyone yet, or even said it out loud, but after having an amazing weekend, he'd decided that he wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him. I haven't met her yet, but I know that he's crazy about this girl, so I said congrats. Especially coming off this past weekend with Writress, I could totally understand where he was coming from.

He said he wanted to tell our sister, but that would be the same as telling our mom, which he wasn't ready to do yet. I told him he should wait until AFTER Mom meets her, and he laughed and agreed. He doesn't have any of the logistics planned yet, and isn't sure when he's going to do it, but I think he just made the decision and wanted to tell someone. And to be honest, it felt really good that he wanted to tell me first.

And since most of my audience seems to be of the screenwriting ilk, on the writing front I'm putting finishing touches on my web-series, and getting ready to cast it and find directors. My alumni writing group has been a big help on it.

For next projects, I'm thinking I'm going to go back to what I'm best at and write a one hour dramedy with some Sci-fi elements. There's an idea I broke story on with the Writress a few months back, and there's also another original idea that I had recently that I'm interested in trying out. It has some elements of ENDER'S GAME influence I think, so perhaps people will like it.

And as soon as my roommate and I find the time, we're going to do our last polish and write up a series pitch document for our werewolf pilot.

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