Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend in San Diego

I spent the weekend in San Diego with the Writress and her parents. It went pretty well. I got along great with her folks. I met her cousin and her cousin's husband and their two little girls, who were hilarious and fun. I was reading one of them a story and looked up and Writress had this beaming look of happiness on her face upon seeing that I was good with kids. She was great with them too.

We saw the San Diego Zoo which was pretty fun, especially since the rain cleared (rain in San Diego?). Then we watched the Superbowl with her cousin and the kids, which was great because the husband was a die-hard Saints fan and went nuts.

Going to get dinner tonight with Writress and her parents. Hopefully Writress will have heard something about this job she's up for that I let her know about.

Last bit of good news, my sister will be visiting LA in two weeks, so I'm really psyched for that.

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Whitney Conley said...

Kid, I hope you were joking with that dreadfully trite anecdote about girlfriend seeing you're "good with kids" and being transparently proud. That kind of tedium only works if you're writing the Charlotte lines in a SATC spec.