Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guess I'm doing something right

One of my boss's writer clients came in today to work on a pitch they're going out with. They called me in to pick my brain for an example of a certain kind of story in mythology, and I threw one out off the top of my head that they liked, and they had me sit in on the rest of the meeting.

When my boss stepped out for a second, the writer asked me if I was a writer, and said that he liked that I came up with that story off the top of my head like that. He also said that I must be good at my job, because he's been with my boss through a lot of assistants, and I'm the only one he hasn't heard bad things about. So I got that going for me at least.

Last night I met a writer for one of my favorite shows. He had some sage wisdom that he passed on to all of us, and it was great being able to pick his brain and get a glimpse of how his writer's room works. I noticed that the way he carried himself, dressed, let stubble grow in etc... was a lot like me. Maybe this is why people always ask me if I'm a writer: I look the type. Gray my hair up a bit and give me 10 years of success in writer's rooms and I WILL be that guy. His story of his jobs before writing was also like what I've been doing, except it looks like things were way easier back then.

In other news, Writress got a second interview for the Writer's PA job she interviewed for. I'm really excited for her and hope she gets it.

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