Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nerf Swords and Plane Tickets

This past weekend the present Writress ordered for me for our one year anniversary arrived: Two Nerf Broadswords. That's right, my girlfriend got me swords. And everyone in my apartment has been having fun wailing on each other with them ever since. They're fun props to have and pace with while writing, and work well as pointers when you're gesturing to a corkboard or something like that.

On Sunday the two of us were finally able to sit down and break story on the pilot idea we've had for a while. We're using the note card system, and it seems to be working for us. I pointed to cards using my new swords. It's evolved into a different pilot than we originally envisioned, but that's how it always goes, and I think this will be a great sample. We seem to work well as a team too, so that bodes well for the future.

I just bought plane tickets this morning to go with her to Colorado over 4th of July to visit her parents and see her home town. I'm actually looking forward to it rather than feeling like I'll be on enemy turf the way I did when I visited my college girlfriend's family.

Writress hasn't had a chance to talk to her folks yet about the idea of us living together, but more and more we're getting to the point that we think we're gonna do it. It'll be nice to have confirmation, and exciting to go through the process of finding a new place just for us, but for now I'm not quite as anxious that it's not going to happen like I was for a minute there earlier in the week.

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