Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I asked Writress if she wanted to get a place together

This isn't something I would have predicted for myself, but the other night I asked Writress if she wanted to get an apartment together.

It had been on my mind for a while, and last Friday night my roommate started talking to me about apartment stuff. My plan had been to move out once my sister got to town and get a place with her. Roommate has a friend he wants to move in, and her living situation is getting sketchy for her, so she'd rather move in sooner rather than later. The thing about my sister is, I don't think she'll be ready to come out here in a couple months. I think in order to save the money she needs to save, she may have to wait until January. So I thought, maybe Writress and I could get a two bedroom place, and hold onto it together until my sister comes out. I ran the idea by my sister, and she told me that she'd rather just get her own place (I think she realizes that she'd rather be able to have her own place when she starts dating people etc...). So I was left with the decision of whether or not to ask Writress if she wants to get a place together.

I've always said that I wouldn't want to live with somebody casually. I'd even pondered if it would be better to wait until I was engaged. But I'm incredibly happy with Writress. We spend all of our free time together and don't get sick of one another. We just make each other happy. I can easily see myself marrying that girl someday, and I don't find that to be too scary. I don't think I'm ready to actually go out and buy a ring though, partly because I'm trying to be cautious based on life experience. The way I see it, moving in together is like another step forward on that path, and I think it's a step we're ready for. As it is, she stays over at my apartment every night anyway, so I think we have a pretty clear idea of what it'd be like living together. And for the cynics out there, I do also realize that if it doesn't work out it's easier to break a lease than to get a divorce. I really don't see it coming to that though.

Plus on the practical side, splitting a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles means getting a nicer place with each of us probably paying less rent than we are now, so that's a bonus.

So on Monday night, after she got back to my place late after work, I asked her. She wasn't expecting it, but she really liked the idea. It was great.

Last night, she had thought about it a bit more, and we had a pretty serious conversation. We both realize that it's a big step, and I don't want to pressure her into anything. I think after thinking on it, she had some concerns, and our conversation last night made it clear that we're on the same page. We decided that it'd be a good idea to just think about it for a few days before coming to a decision, and she's gonna ask some advice from a couple trusted friends about it, and maybe talk to her parents.

I'm pretty sure she'll still say yes to it. It's a big step, and one of those, "wow, we're actually adults now" kind of things, but I think we can do it. And it'll be good. In the meantime she's still making it very clear that she's very much in love with me, so that helps. I'll admit that I'm somewhat apprehensive waiting for her to make her final decision. Between that and work I'm feeling a little stressed out, but hopefully it'll all work out soon.

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