Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flower shop guy was a total dick

I decided to get MissCrazy some flowers for Valentine's day. We're not doing anything too crazy for the holiday even though it's a long weekend. In fact, we're hanging out at my place and I'm cooking steaks on the grill instead of going out to an expensive restaurant or something like that. I'm a broke assistant, and she realizes that. It's one of the cooler things about her.

But even still, I thought I should get flowers. And I wanted to be original, so I didn't just want to find the cheapest place selling roses. I called up the florist right next to my apartment, which got pretty good reviews on

Normally when I buy flowers, I set my budget and shoot for as nice an arrangement as I can get for that price. Whenever I've sent flowers for sympathy or Mother's day or something like that I've always been able to get something really nice for between $50-80.

I wanted something small, simple, and pink this time (MissCrazy is a big fan of pink). I figured I could get something small like that for around $40, so I asked the guy what I could get for $30, since I knew he'd probably bump me up.

Well the guy was a total douche to me about thinking I could get something for $30. He was all like "a good arrangement is at LEAST $100". This went on for a bit until we settled on a nice arrangement with a couple bunches of pink tulips for $40.

Here's where I wonder where this guy gets his attitude. I mean honestly, he's making a killing this week I'm sure. I'm a broke young guy who can't afford that much, and all I was asking was whether or not I could get anything for that price range, and you'd think I was asking if I could buy a Cadillac for $13 from the way he reacted.

Look buddy, you sell things that are going to look nice the first day, still smell good the second day, and by the third day already start to wilt. By day 7 you desperately need to chuck them in a trash can or else they'll rot in your house and make it smell really bad. I understand their aesthetic value, but honestly, they're just going to die in a couple days, so don't act like I'm buying a luxury item here.

I get that demand is high so they can charge competitive prices, but don't be a dick to me when I obviously don't buy flowers that often and I'm just trying to put together a nice bunch of pink things that will make a girl smile for a couple days.

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