Monday, February 23, 2009

I went 14/20 on the Oscar pool

I didn't win the Oscar pool at the party I went to. Someone else had 17 right. It's disappointing, especially since when the Oscars started I was 4/4 until Presto! didn't win Best Animated Short. It's kind of a shame really, that was a really good Pixar one they showed before WALL-E that I really enjoyed. Other ones I missed were also associated with WALL-E, like Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Original Score, and Best Song.

The only thing WALL-E won was Best Animated Feature, which let's be honest, was theirs to lose. Otherwise the Academy kind of shat on that movie, not even nominating it for Best Picture.

I picked Mickey Rourke over Sean Penn for Best Actor, but other than that I was right in all the major categories, including the two Screenplay categories (as an aspiring writer I'd feel extra bad if I was wrong on those).

I thought Hugh Jackman did a good job hosting, although it did feel slightly anachronistic to have a "song and dance man" MCing instead of a comedian. I was kinda pissed that they did a medley for the original song nominees since that was just the Wall-e song getting sandwiched between a lot of Bollywoodtastic Slumdog dancers. No wonder Peter Gabriel refused to perform. If they had enough time to do a musical number saluting Mamma Mia and High School Musical 3, they should have been able to fit in time for all three songs, especially since the show ran short in general.

The other big critique that most people, myself included, had about the show was that there really weren't that many clips of the nominated movies themselves.

When I got to the office this morning I tallied up all our ballots from Friday and found that I beat my co-worker by 1 point, which was a nice even though no money was involved.

Now the industry will move on, with at least 4 shitty Slumdog wannabe scripts going out in pitches this week I'm sure.

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