Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MissCrazy is now a fangirl

So Valentine's Day went pretty well. MissCrazy came over, I made steak, she brought pink cupcakes.

After we ate, we decided to relax and watch a DVD, and it turns out she was interested in checking out the first episode of Firefly. We watched the first couple, and she liked them. The next day she had me bring them over to her place and we watched the rest of the series. Granted there tragically aren't that many episodes, but it's still a lot to take in for one day.

Now she's all about it, and itching to see Serenity, which is great. Tonight she's coming over to watch it.

What makes it even better is that last night I had a pleasant surprise when I returned from my spec pilot group. It appears that my roommate's girlfriend (who technically doesn't live with us, but pretty much does) had a bit of good fortune. She babysits for a producer in town, and it seems that family got themselves a new TV. Since they didn't need their old one anymore, they gave it to her and my roommate. I'm not sure on the exact dimensions, and it's not HD or anything, but it's still about 1.5 times the size of our old 27 inch TV.

I'm excited by this new development.

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