Sunday, April 5, 2009

Holy crap do my friends suck

I'm back in Cape Cod with my parents at the moment, moving furniture and at least a hundred boxes filled with books (we're a literate family, which isn't great for my back at the moment). I'm flying back to LA on Tuesday, which happens to be two days before my 25th birthday.

I'm flying back then instead of staying longer with family because I wanted to spend my birthday with my "LA family", i.e. my best friends out there that function as a surrogate family of sorts. It's easter/passover weekend, which makes things trickier, but I'm hoping on a decent enough crowd so I can have a fun night.

A couple good friends of mine who live out in Venice are going to be out of town, that sucks, but I'm not upset about it.

Here's what I am upset about. My roommate, who has been my best friend for almost a decade, is taking off early in the morning on my birthday with his girlfriend to spend easter and the week after that with her family. That sucks, but I could understand. But they're also bringing along our other roommate, the guy who went to college with my best friend and is visiting LA for six months and staying in our loft. So the three people I live with, and consider to be good friends of mine, are ditching me as a unit.

I try not to let this kind of stuff bug me, but it's been building for a while. First my best friend and his girlfriend become inseparable to the point that I feel like I'm a guest in their apartment rather than it being her staying over at our place. I've been in love before, I get how that goes.

But then the best friend's buddy from college comes to stay with us. I'm not even told that he's coming until he's already bought plane tickets from the UK. I figure at least I'll have someone to kick around the apartment with when BestFriend and BestFriendsGirlfriend are off doing whatever together.

But once he arrived, it was like the three of them became a new unit. Stuff continued to happen with me having no idea. I'd come home and propose doing something together and find that they were all on their way out the door to a show.

Basically, it comes down to this, as lame and "1st grade" as it sounds. I feel like I'm not my best friend's best friend anymore. I feel like I barely qualify as "good friend" at this point, and if I moved out of the apartment I'd probably never see the guy.

And that really sucks, and it's lame, but I can't really bitch to friends and family about it, so the blog was here to catch my angry typing.

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