Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haven't had as much to blog about recently

I've been spending my days sending out resumes when I see promising jobs, and spending most of the rest of my time watching various tv shows on Hulu.

It's nice, but I am starting to get a bit restless. I'm writing more, finishing up the outline for my spec pilot, writing the first draft of another with my roommate, and I've begun outlining my first full feature script.

I had other features that I attempted, that exist at various stages. One I even started writing. It was based on a trip I took to Indiana to visit my then-girlfriend's family one summer. Really I think it was just a means to deal with some of that stuff. It wouldn't have been a great script, so I'm glad I stopped myself as early as I did, since it did not have a very strong outline either. And I have other concepts that I considered writing that I have shelved, but may very well brush off someday and work on again.

This one I'm working on now is a romantic comedy, but not a chick-flick. Chickflick is definitely a subset of romantic comedy to be sure, but while most people think the two terms are interchangeable, they are not. Some of the best, such as "When Harry met Sally" or even the more recent "Knocked Up" have a lot of heart and romance to them, but they are not just chick movies.

Chickflicks are romantic comedies that don't get the real focus of what the story should be. It's about TWO people coming together, much like people do in real life. Chickflicks always have some kind of unrealistically written male who's just there to have a great smile and look good with his shirt off, so the rest of the story can dazzle their audience with the woman's perspective on everything from wedding day jitters to that bitch who's wearing the same shoes.

I know how hard costume people and production designers work. To be honest, they don't get nearly enough praise. But when the entire point of the movie is the costuming and the production design, that's not a movie. That's a fashion show that tries to tell a story.

So in short, yes, I am writing a romantic comedy. Does this mean I'll stop writing action and science fiction and comedy? No. Even if I tried to I wouldn't be able to, because those kinds of ideas pop up in my mind all the time. They're genres that I love.

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