Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Interview went alright

The job interview went pretty well yesterday morning. It was supposed to be Monday, but right after I wrote the blog post that it was in an hour and a half, I got a call from them rescheduling. But the interview seemed to go well. They said, "we like you" as I was leaving and that's always a good sign. I called my old office to get them to put in a good word for me, we'll see if they actually manage to get their shit together enough to do that. It looks like this job is pretty good, and close to the kind of thing I want to be doing. It's not big and corporate, but there are a lot of people there, and they're actually producing movies and TV shows, so that's kind of where I want to be to learn some stuff.

My friends return today. I had texted BestFriend yesterday, and got a response from BestFriendsGirlFriend asking for an airport pickup. Since I'm still technically unemployed I might as well get them. We'll see if they remember to say Happy Birthday now. If they don't I think I have a very reasonable right to be pissed off at the friends of mine who skipped town for a week and forgot my birthday.

My parents, who are kind of awesome, got me a recliner for my birthday. I was hoping it would arrive here at the apartment before my roommates got back, so it would be a little surprise, but the damn thing hasn't gotten here yet even though it's been 9 days. I think I'm going to call the company today to find out what the hell is going on with this. I want my chair.

Turning to my romantic dealings, MissCrazy is officially out, but seems to have moved past the hating me stage. She wanted to take me out for a birthday drink, but the days when we were both out of town prevented that, and honestly that's probably for the best for now. I don't want a friendly drink to become a "let's hook up just one more time" drink, which will inevitably become a "so are we back together now?" drink.

I met a nurse out at a bar after my birthday drinks. Turns out we come from the same area back east, and she seemed nice enough. I gave her my card, and some douchey guy was getting all clingy with her and she left, but then she texted me an hour later saying she wanted to go out and that guy was just a jealous asshole. I'm seeing her tomorrow night so I'll let you know later if we actually get along well or if that was just the whiskey talking the other night.

I do like that I never got her number in the bar, I just gave her my card. Took a lot of pressure off me. Instead of having to jump through all kinds of hoops as the pursuer, I was able to just sit back and let her come to me. And I can tell that she kind of likes me by the way she's pursuing. But there will be an update on NurseLady later. For now, I want to get some breakfast, watch a little TV on Hulu, find out what's up with my chair, and work on this new feature idea I have.

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