Thursday, April 2, 2009

Anachronistic Blogging whilst traveling

I just took a red eye flight from LAX to Boston, and I'm now hanging out in my little sister's apartment at Boston College. During the trip I blogged old school style, by hand, into a notebook. But since I am a child of the internet generation and my sister is finishing up a philosophy paper before we head out for some breakfast, I'm going to copy down what I wrote.

Sitting in the Virgin Terminal at LAX. This terminal sucks. Nothing in the way of food. [EDIT: to clarify, there was an empty CPK cart, a fish and chips restaurant place with no tables, and Burger King]

I had a double cheeseburger from Burger King and feel like I'm going to hurl. How did I eat this shit when I was a kid? Has it gotten worse since then? Or have I just gotten old and spoiled by food that wasn't cooked in a grease trap. Need to make Guinness Burgers again soon.

That's what I wrote as I was waiting to board. While the terminal was weaksauce, the actual plane was pretty nice. I approve of Virgin as an airline. There was this remote control thing that handled the TV, movies, and even let you play video games. I played DOOM for the first time since I was like 12 years old. Made me feel strangely nostalgic. The dude next to me on the plane played it for like 4 straight hours, what a beast. After I landed in Boston, it was really early local time, so I went and got some Dunkin Donuts coffee, and paused to write this in my notebook:

4/2/09 5:45am
Virgin Terminal is shared with American Airlines. Just walked past a remodeled spot where I used to wait to pick up CollegeGirlfriend [EDIT: I wrote her actual name in the notebook but won't here. This is the girl I was with for 3.5 years who is now engaged to a friend of ours]. Made me a little sad/nostalgic.

Then I got on the T with my Dunkin Donuts coffee and wrote this: "Holy shit, did I miss this city."

I had to transfer to two trains, and ride the slow, trolley-esque Green Line to get to BC, but I didn't mind. It was early, it was quiet, and I kept seeing stuff that I recognized that had changed subtley since I left for LA. I'm far enough from college that I can really look back fondly now. Even though it's way too early to be awake and the weather is that classic New England dull overcast gray, it feels really good to be back in the city I call home. Now I'm relaxing at my sister's place, and in a few hours I'll get picked up by my dad to head down to Cape Cod, see the new house my family built, and carry heavy shit into it. I'll be applying to jobs from here since I brought my gargantuan laptop with me, and maybe I'll even get some writing done.

I actually just thought of a good idea for a feature script as I was writing this. Getting fired was fantastic for my sanity, and for re-evaluating my priorities. Granted I really need to find a new job ASAP, but I feel like I'm in good shape with that even in these troubling economic times. I had lunch with an agency assistant yesterday who's pretty connected and she said she'd contact some people for me.

So with that, I'm going to enjoy my little sojourn back east, and revive my creative spirit.

And carry heavy shit with my dad.

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