Sunday, September 13, 2009

Being responsible

My roommate invited me to go see a movie today. Except he invited me via text message and email. Along with 9 other people. It seems I make the cut when he's inviting all his friends in LA, but not when it's just us hanging out in our apartment together.

It's a movie I didn't really want to see, and I have some work to do, so I'm not going. I have to read and write up notes on two pilot scripts my boss's clients wrote, so rather than rush through it to make a movie I'm staying home so I can do a more thorough job of it. Plus I want to work on my web series idea later tonight.

So I'm being responsible. Part of me misses hanging out with my friend and wants to take what I can get, but honestly, I don't think I should feel bad for this. When he claims he can't spare a single moment in a month in a half I shouldn't be available at any random time he decides he wants to get people together to see a movie.

If he reaches out to me with something more personal than a group evite, then I'll consider working my schedule around so we can hang out.

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