Monday, September 14, 2009

Unconcious Structure

When I first learned about dramatic structure, I expected it to be like learning how an engine runs. They'd open the hood, I wouldn't know what was what, and eventually I'd learn the voodoo that makes this thing run.

What actually happened was I realize, "huh, that makes a lot of sense." I went back and looked at a script I had been writing, thinking I'd need to restructure it, and found that the structure was already in place. I guess from all the countless hours of TV and movies I've watched in my life I learned how an episode is supposed to go. This made me feel good about my potential as a writer.

Last night I started outlining my web series. I had planned on various story arcs, with each arc broken up into parts, sort of like what Felicia Day does with The Guild. I had two story arcs to outline last night, and I found as I wrote them that they naturally broke into three parts each. This is good I think, because in the even that we ever want to turn this into a half-hour comedy, we already have the proper act breaks.

This is all still very much in the planning stages, and I have no clue how/when we're going to shoot any of it, but my friend and I are both very enthusiastic about it so I can't wait to give you more updates.

Stay tuned.

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