Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next project

A couple months ago I had an idea for another pilot. I put together a beat sheet for it, but have since kinda turned off on the idea. I realized it was very derivative of a game my old roommate liked to talk about, and that kind of took the wind out of my sails on that one.

I'm also in the process of working on a script with Writress, but that's still in the beat sheet phase. We need to find some time to work on it in between catching up on the end of BSG (2 discs left in the series for me) and HIMYM (just finished Season 2 last night).

It's a long weekend this weekend, and Writress will be busy for most of it at an event with some of her old college friends, so I think I want to take at least some of the time to begin working on a new project on my own.

So here's what I'm considering: either another pilot, or to try writing another feature.

I had a feature RomCom idea back a couple months ago, but I've since cooled on that idea too. It wasn't big enough, it didn't keep me excited. Things in the Sci-fi/fantasy genre tend to do that for me more, and I've seemed to start carving a niche out for myself there, so maybe I'll do something like that.

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