Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crazy busy

Every night this week I've been busy. I guess that comes from trying to write a pilot with my girlfriend, write another one through my alumni network, and create a webseries all at the same time.

And to top it all off, shows are starting again. My Hulu queue is like 50 episodes long. Since I'm not unemployed anymore things like additional seasons of stagate SG1 show up and I don't have time to watch them. I fit in Daily Show and Colbert Report before work in the morning, but at night there just isn't enough time to watch the 2 hour HEROES premiere. If I had Hiro's ability to stop time, I wouldn't be saving the world. I'd just use it to get shit done with enough time to sleep.

This weekend I'm taking the Writress to Disneyland for her birthday. It should be fun, but it means I have one less day to get all my weekend stuff done, which I'm sure will include script coverage for work, script work for the webseries, script work for my pilot, and trying to catch up on the week's premieres (by the way, saw the premiere of CASTLE last night. It was nice being able to watch it on Hulu instead of ABC's buggy player. It was a good episode with the exception of Beckett's weird Moscovite accent).

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