Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Hulu queue is trying to kill me

New shows have started up again, and I'm psyched about that. But there are a lot of them. Frankly, I find myself looking forward to when more networks abandon the fall-spring season model and space shows out, I'll have enough time to watch everything.

I want to write TV, and I work at a company that covers TV, so it's my job to stay current on what's out there. And despite my great TV knowledge, there are tons of shows I haven't seen yet. Between work and my writing projects, I don't really have enough time to watch all the new stuff, let alone older things like seasons of Stargate SG1 that pile up in there.

Luckily the Writress is a TV-holic as well, and we're able to spend evenings watching stuff together, by even still, it's rough.

Some shows might get canceled, or I'll stop bothering to follow them (despite the collective love-fest it's getting from everyone, I've stopped bothering to follow GLEE for example). Other shows are getting bad ratings despite the fact that everyone I know watches them (for example, DOLLHOUSE). Other shows will never be canceled even though I don't know a single person who DOES watch them (i.e. CSI, NCIS, Two and a Half Men, Ghost Whisperer, etc...).

I need a couple weekends with nothing to do but write and watch tv shows. Or better yet, sell a script and have enough money to quit my day job and stay at home to write and catch up on shows and video games in between meetings with people who might staff me on their shows/hire me to write a feature. A man can dream.

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