Friday, October 2, 2009

Didn't get into the WB Workshop

I shouldn't be surprised, since pretty much every aspiring writer in town applies to that workshop. And by "aspiring" I'm including people who have been out here working in the industry for over a decade without catching a break. The bummer part of it was that my roommate emailed me to let me know that I had some mail from Warner Bros Television, thinking it would "brighten my day."

Instead, that just got me thinking about the letter for the last few hours I was at work. I was 95% sure it was a rejection, but when you move across the country to make your dreams come true that 5% optimism makes itself heard. So there was a lot of build up to the eventual letdown when I got home.

This morning I finished the rough draft of the first four episodes of my new webseries, and found out that an exec at Cartoon Network is planning on reading my pilot script this weekend, so here's keeping fingers crossed that this weekend is a good time for people to like my work.

In other news, I'm going to see Zombieland tomorrow night, and I'm kinda psyched for it.

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