Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This month has flown by

I've been really busy, so this month has gone by pretty quickly. Work is the same. Still plowing ahead on all cylinders for the web series. I think we're ready to cast the male lead now, if not the first five episodes. Next up is writing the next arc (what I'm calling a group of at least 3 webisodes).

Things are going great with the Writress. We geeked out this past week going to see a screening of The Guild and Dr Horrible at the Egyptian theater. A large portion of the Whedon-verse was there, including Joss Whedon himself, so that was a big thrill for me. Interesting note: He still smiles and laughs at his own work. Clearly his first audience is himself, and that's something I can get behind.

We also went to see Nathan Fillion do a Q&A and book signing for CASTLE on monday night. The only bummer was that the jobless people all got there 9 hours in advance, so we didn't get a copy of the book. He was pretty entertaining though, so it was still a worthwhile trip. He's very personable and funny (for example, when he got up to the mic he said in a very hoarse voice, "I'm afraid I've lost my voice" but when he saw the look on everyone's face he said, "Nah, I'm just kiddin" Love that stuff).

My sitcom pilot is coming along as well. Hopefully I'll continue assembling a good portfolio. And if I'm really lucky that will help me get some representation, which is the first big hurdle to making it in this business.

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