Monday, October 5, 2009

Zombieland was awesome

The Cartoon Network exec passed on my pilot because it was too serialized, but I'm okay with it. I still feel very good about that being a strong sample, so I'll keep that on file and keep plugging away at the next projects.

Worked on the webseries a lot on Saturday, and it's coming together. I'm pretty excited about it. After we were done working we came back to Hollywood and saw ZOMBIELAND in Grauman's Chinese Theater (an awesome place to see it for many reasons, some you'll understand after watching it).

I loved that movie so f-ing much. I was so giddy and happy during it that Writress was almost as entertained by my joy as she was at the movie. Fantastic script, brilliant performances, and just a fantastic blast of a fun time in the theater. Clearly Ruben Fleischer knew (despite being a first time director) that making a movie is supposed to be fun. I liked it so much that I set a reminder on Amazon to email me when it becomes available on DVD.

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