Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dumb expressions

It hasn't rained in months, and frankly, LA is getting to be a bit funky. There's so much crap in the air that just parking your car outside for a day leaves it covered in a layer of dirt. I cut through a back alley as a shortcut to the post office everyday for work, and I'm noticing that the alley is smelling progressively worse. It needs to rain, and soon, to clean the city off a bit.

That got me thinking of the expression, "Save a little money for a rainy day." When it rains, I stay inside. I relax and watch a movie, and eat whatever food I have in the house. I don't go out, so I don't spend any money. If anything, I spend LESS on a rainy day. I should be saving my money for beautiful days where I will go out into the world and enjoy life while purchasing tasty food.

One could counter that when it rains you might hang out on the computer and buy crap off Amazon, but that expression is older than the internet, by a lot.

The expression should be, "Save your money on a rainy day" or something to that effect.

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