Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fool's errand

Some guy just cold called my office asking if we had any positions open. When I said no, he asked for an email to send a resume anyway. I told him I didn't foresee us hiring anyone anytime soon. What it really came down to was that in order for this guy to get a job, I would have to be fired. So asking to send ME your resume won't help you at all.

Plus, cold calling people in this town almost never helps for ANYTHING, but that doesn't stop a zillion random people from calling me everyday asking if they can submit their screenplays. Seriously people, stop trying to break into screenwriting from Oak Ridge NJ, or St. Claire Missouri. As if they'll call and say "Hi, I have a script" and we'll respond, "Really!?? We were JUST saying how we needed to find another one of those. Can you send it to us immediately? Do you mind if we just pay you $1 million in advance for it now? We'll send you more after you win your Oscar for Best Original Screenplay."

The people answering these calls are broke assistants who could be making more money elsewhere but had the guts to actually move to LA and do this, not phone it in half assed from across the country. I'm really happy for you that you got your 14 day free trial to IMDbPro, but for now, shut up.

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