Friday, May 15, 2009

Dollhouse gets picked up!

This is very good news. The show started off weak. I'll admit it. It was still a well written show and a great concept, but the original pilot script was much better than what ended up airing for the first episode. I think there were too many people "helping" by making all the notes about new and exciting ways to look at Eliza Dushku's ass. And while like many other warm blooded men I am a fan of Eliza Dushku's ass, I can see it in some copy of Maxim if I want. On TV, I want to see her in a real story.

The second half of the first season got good. I mean really good. You could tell they stopped trying to make interchangeable episodes about brainwashed hookers and started making a real drama with in depth characters (even the ones who had their minds wiped every other day) and some really entertaining stuff.

It's not as good as Firefly. That show should have been on for at least 5 seasons, and it would have been fantastic. But I think Dollhouse will still be able to surprise us now that they've been given a chance to really prove themselves.

I'm also celebrating this as a victory because it means somebody finally worked through their inbox and saw the DVR and online view numbers instead of just looking at the obsolete Nielson ratings.

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