Saturday, May 23, 2009

Was not productive today

I meant to get a lot more done today than I did.

The Office is partly to blame. We have a house guest mowing through the seasons of it, and I'd never seen most of it before, so I find myself watching with her.

And I was out late last night, got up late this morning, and waited until mid-afternoon to shower and change out of pajamas. I've decided that even though I'm writing and working from my desk in my bedroom, I'm still more productive if I get up like I'm actually working in the morning, shower, and change into regular clothing.

I went to a TV writer's thing on Wed night, and there was actually another one scheduled tonight. The official starting time is 10pm, and it's 10:23 right now. Technically I could leave right now and still be on the early side of things. But really, I don't want to go spend more money at any bars tonight, and I don't want to stay out late like I know I will if I go.

I met a girl at the Wed night one that I'm seeing on Monday. I talked to her yesterday and she said there was a chance she'd be at the thing tonight, but I don't think it would be worth the hassle to head over there if she was only going to show up at the end. Plus I don't want to go too out of my way to see her. We have an afternoon date planned for Monday, I can wait until then, and honestly, it will probably mean a more productive day for me tomorrow.

I think I'll even set my alarm. I've been sleeping in for weeks. I'm going to try and nip some of these slacker tendencies in the bud. Plus, if I finish the work I need to do on my spec tomorrow I can take even more time for Monday if I want. Ironically, I can even call my date on Monday research, since I'm writing a feature script featuring the place we're planning on going as a first date spot. It might be a bit of life imitating art, but with the art being revised based on the life part.

But really, based on the night we met I kind of like this girl, so I want things to go well. I always get excited about first dates. I'm an optimist about how things will turn out I guess. But even taking that into account, I have a good feeling about this girl. Knock on wood, keep your fingers crossed.

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