Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Saturday night just imploded.

I had plans for tonight, and they just fell through at the last minute. Since I'm so broke as to worry about things like quickly approaching IRS payments and rent, this isn't one of those nights where I feel up to just going out into Hollywood on my own. Instead I'm just sitting around my bedroom, listening to music I bought when I was 10 and looking at too much Twitter and Facebook, pondering things like the fact that in my life I've already had more than one girl say she loved me and mean it. And how maybe I've taken that kind of thing for granted more than I should.

I guess I've always had this assumption that when I'm finally ready to settle down I'll find another girl that I love who will love me back, since it seemed so easy before.

I think it's just the combination of being unemployed, broke, and single is starting to get to me a little. Maybe I'll use some of tonight to write, that might help me feel a little more like I'm on the path to something other than being forced to move back east and teach screenwriting to people who will never have the balls to move to LA.

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