Friday, March 5, 2010

Just got a raise

I got called into my boss's office at the end of the day today, and both of them were in there. It felt like a performance review or something was coming up, so I got kinda nervous all of a sudden. Then they started asking me about who I thought would win the oscars this weekend, so I thought it might only be a fun office oscar contest kind of thing.

But then they went into a "you're doing a good job, we like you, but you're not perfect" spiel. That had me worried, until they got to their point and let me know that I'll be making a little bit more per week from now on.

Whew...and SCORE!

This is the first real raise I've gotten from any job out here. Even my old job, where I worked for over a year, never offered me one even though I earned it. So I still fall into the "broke assistant" category, but hopefully this will help a lot toward paying down the credit card debt I got when I was unemployed and breathing a little easier when it comes time to pay rent every month.

So hooray for working for actual professionals rather than bullshit wannabe producers who think I should be happy to work for them for free.

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