Monday, March 8, 2010

Obligatory post-oscars blog entry

I got 14 right in the Oscar pool on my shared ballot with Writress, which is exactly the same as I did last year. The girl who was hosting the party had a weighted ballot system however, which I thought worked well, so we ended up coming in second place, which meant we got our money back.

It wasn't the best Oscar ceremony ever, but it wasn't terrible. I didn't mind how long it ran, but then again I was drinking beers and being a wiseass. It'll be interesting to see how things go next year.

Just found out that a good friend of mine who lives in San Francisco will be coming down to LA coincidentally on my birthday next month. With this and the fact that I'll have Writress around turning 26 is already way better than my 25th birthday was last year.

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