Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Projects I'm working on at the moment

During a moment of downtime at work today I stopped to list the various projects I'm working on at the moment.

The Web Series:

I was working on this with my actor friend, but she had to bail. Right now, I'm finishing up the script for the first 5 episodes with my writing group, but this one is pretty much done.

Roommate Supernatural Pilot:

I've been working on a project with my roommate for about a year and a half now. It's hard to find time to work on it, but we have a first draft and we're in the process of tweaking it and getting it ready to go out to people.

Writress Pilot:

Writress and I came up with an idea and broke story for it months ago. Since then we haven't really done too much with it as I was focusing on web series stuff and she was working on a pilot with her own writer's group. We've talked about it, and I think we're going to try to find time to move along to the next step with it when we have a free moment (especially tough with her new job) because it's a kickass idea and I really want to work on something with her. When we first had the idea we had only been going out for a couple months, but we're pretty solid now, and I could even see us as that showrunner couple down the line, so I'm ready to get cracking on it.

Castle Spec:

I had an idea for this a couple weeks ago, and since then I've written my basic thoughts down. I've also started re-watching the first season and reading a few scripts that were already produced to get a better sense of their format and the show's voice. The last time I wrote a spec it was for Heroes, so this will be a very different process (i.e. the continuity changes/80 characters won't make me want to stab my eyes out).

As a bonus, a guy who works on the show has offered to take me on a tour of the set and introduce me to some people, so I'm especially psyched for that.

What this all means:

Things are in good shape, but I need to find some time to work on stuff. Writress's new job might help with that. Before, she was almost never working when I was free, so we spent a lot of time just relaxing with each other, or watching stuff on hulu. Now I have nights when she's still at work after I get home, so I think I'm going to make the most of it and carve out some of that for solo writing time. First I'll finish my webseries (and maybe figure out what I'm doing with it sans actress), then I'll devote my solo energies to the Castle spec.

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