Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sister's in town

My sister is in LA. We had a really fun weekend, and I got to take her to some of my favorite places in LA. She got to meet Writress finally, and the two of them seemed to get along really well, which makes me happy. I wasn't really worried that they wouldn't get along necessarily, but in the unlikely event that happened it would have been a shame. Writress is someone I'm pretty serious about, so I'm really glad that I get along with her family and (so far at least) she gets along with mine.

My sister wants to move here, so it's been good for her to be here rather than back east at her college full of spoiled jocky kids. Nobody out there gets what this is all about, so I think it will be very good for her when she's finally free of all that bullshit and able to enjoy herself out here.

She lets herself get stressed really easily, and I've always been one of the people who helps her de-stress and have fun, so I think moving away from home and coming out here with me could be great for her.

Last night my writer's group had a special one night comedy workshop with a couple established comedy writers and some actors to read selections of some of our scripts. I was able to make good contributions and suggestions that even the established guys liked. It was a nice reminder that I'm ready for a big time writer's room. All I need now is to get my stuff ready so that when I find an opportunity I'm prepared to take it.

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