Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Year Ago

One year ago I was in my last month at my old job, though I didn't know it at the time. It was also the month that I posted the most on this blog, by far.

A lot of it was bitching and moaning about that job, and how miserable I was there and ready to go. It came from the fact that I was being used as nothing but a peon, and I wasn't learning anything. It was a dead end job, and I knew it, so it became nigh impossible to motivate myself. So I blogged a lot.

Compared to last year, I'm much happier right now. While I'm still a broke assistant, I have a better job. I'm not doing what I want to do long term yet, but I'm learning good stuff, and making contacts that will help me with what I want to do eventually. I have more, better writing samples, and I've been recognized as a talented writer. The asshole that was living in my apartment and treating me like an intruder in my own home is gone now, and especially since we got the dog and started having Sunday dinners we're back to feeling like a surrogate family.

Most importantly, I'm happier because I'm with Writress, and not dealing with the insanity that was MissCrazy. It's been tough the last couple weeks having Writress working such long hours, but we still see each other every day, and we still really enjoy each other's company when we're together. She came over after a late night at work and remarked that one good thing about her job was that she was learning about things we could do if we ever run a show together one day. A year ago I would have gone into a panic if a girl had suggested that kind of long term planning with me. With her, it felt nice. We're going to try and carve out some weekend morning time to set aside for working on our sci-fi pilot idea together, and I'm really looking forward to it.

So to sum up, my life isn't perfect yet. But I feel like I'm on the right track, and I'm certainly not miserable like I was this time last year. My 26th birthday is coming up in just over a month. Hopefully I'll keep making good progress and by the time I'm coming up on 27 I'll feel like I've accomplished something to be proud of out here on my crazy Hollywood adventure.

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