Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday Night Lights, rewriting history

People who have satellite TV have been watching Friday Night Lights for months now. For those like me who don't have a cable hookup and have to watch their tv on hulu or netflix, Friday Night Lights just came back after their last season was cut short due to the writer's strike.

It was a ridiculous return. They had to throw so much information at us it was insane.

First, WHEN THE HELL IS RIGGINS GOING TO GRADUATE? He was the best friend of the QB who got paralyzed, and they were both seniors in the first season. It was already kind of bullshit that he was back last year, but all of a sudden he's there again? How is he the same year as Saracen? The same goes for Tyra, although that one isn't as bad. I could see her as the sophomore chick that partied with the seniors in season one.

It's also funny to see what characters they got rid of. For example, the Santiago guy that was living with Buddy Garrity. As well as the rest of the Garrity family. They got rid of all them, and just had Lyla living with him now. I get that. Although, she's another one that should have graduated by now. It is interesting that they dropped the hardcore Christian thing she had going for her before and now she's just banging Riggins again without the added rush of cheating on a paralyzed guy.

All in all, the episode was rife with a ton of information coming at us all at once so they could start over and try to pretend that their previous season wasn't a complete mess. I think it also goes to show why high school shows have so man problems after their first season, because high school changes every year as people mature and graduate, but on TV shows you have actors under contract and characters that people love so you're forced to do all kinds of ridiculous things like having everyone go to a previously unknown college right in their home town.

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