Friday, January 30, 2009

Just saw Anne Hathaway get carded

I went to the liquor store by my office (see earlier post "Buying Wine, and Why I Suck at It") to pick up some Friday night beers for the office. Sometimes we crack one open after the bosses have left if it's been a crazy week.

I walk in there, and there's Anne Hathaway, making a purchase with a skinny white dude wearing a pastel pink shirt and sporting the barely there mid-20's white dude beard. I'm guessing she's going out with this guy since she gave him a kiss while I grabbed a six-pack of Sam Adams got behind them in line.

She bought a few bottles of wine and a magazine. The guy behind the thing asked if she had ID, she said, "I do, but I don't have it with me." He said nothing and let it slide, because he knew she was famous and we could all tell. The boyfriend then paid for his own separate bottle, saying something like, "I'd feel bad if I let you pay for everything." Anne amused herself while he paid by trying on sunglasses and asking him if he thought they looked good.

They walked out, and as they paid the guy behind the counter asked his buddy in the store what movies she was in, because he couldn't remember.

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