Sunday, January 25, 2009

Great phone call

I'm working on a new pilot script. It's not the easiest concept in the world to explain, but I think it could make a good show. Like everything else I write I find that I'm making unexpected personal connections to it. In this case, I was trying to figure out exactly how to approach a certain character when it hit me like a ton of bricks that he's pretty much my college roommate/one of my best friends in the world. Now that I know the kind of guy he is, his voice will be very clear in my head and I think it will help the writing.

I wasn't sure if I should do it as a 1/2 comedy script or a hourlong drama/comedy script. I was leaning towards one hour, but I had that confirmed for me over a great phone call with a much more established writer that I met through my college alumni network. He said he'd be happy to help me with any other questions I had, and seemed pretty genuine, so I feel pretty good.

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