Friday, January 9, 2009

Google is taking over the world, but we could do worse

I just used Google Docs for the first time today as I tried to put together a phone sheet for my boss that could be accessed from multiple locations at once, and holy crap, it's pretty cool.

It reaffirmed a believe that I've had since college when gmail and Google satellite maps came about. Google is eventually going to conquer the entire planet. Not in the "my army vs. your army and then I plant my flag" conquistador kind of world domination. They aren't Napoleon or Genghis Khan.

Instead they're conquering without holding land. Everything they create exists in the ether, but it's a part of our daily lives. I go to a Google site to write this blog, to check my email, to get directions when I'm driving somewhere, and even to check the street level map before meetings to find out the best place to park.

They have enormous power, and while Google is far from perfect, they haven't really abused that power too much. They're a young and idealistic company that treats their employees incredibly well, even giving them $5K toward buying a hybrid car.

As companies get larger and national boundaries become less relevant, it's only a matter of time until a company achieves total world domination.

If it has to be someone, I'm glad it's Google. We could do worse.

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