Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is perplexing

Somehow between 7pm and midnight tonight a girl that has been really liking me the past two months went from inviting me to go on trips with her to telling me to stop contacting her and blocking me on facebook.

Reading that I would assume I had done something. All we did was send a few text messages back and forth, and those weren't even about anything. Then all of a sudden she was hostile and cranky. I figured she was just in a bad mood, waited a couple hours, then sent her a text with a funny observation. She then started the crazy stone-wall tactics.

This makes no sense whatsoever, but I guess the silver lining is that if she was this crazy now I'm probably dodging a bullet by not getting more involved with her.

So I'm chalking it up to experience and moving on with my life. It'll make great material someday I'm sure.

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