Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rule Number One

There's a rule that my brother and I have dubbed "Rule Number One". The more life experience I have, the more I'm convinced it's true.

Rule Number One: All women are crazy.

Now, to elaborate, I'm not saying all girls are "bad crazy". Some are just a little nutty in a cute but harmless way. Others just tend to get irrational every once in a while.

But the rule is helpful to keep in mind because no matter how sane a girl seems, you know that eventually the crazy will rear it's head. If you accept that women will always bring out the crazy and that you have no control over it, it removes a lot of stress from relationships. You don't worry about whether it was something you did or not. You don't worry about trying to "fix it" when a girl becomes irrationally upset with you for no reason at all.

So Rule Number One, remember it. Your life will be better.

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