Thursday, March 5, 2009

Avoiding spoilers on WATCHMEN

Watchmen comes out at midnight tonight. I won't be at one of the midnight screenings, but I will be at the Arclight Dome (the best theater in LA) Friday night. I have just over a day to get through before I can watch it and have my own impressions.

In the meantime there is a giant gauntlet of fanboys on both sides shouting about how awesome it was or how much it sucks. There's behind the scenes shit everywhere. I don't want to see any of it.

Movies are best when you're able to sit down and know absolutely nothing about it before you sit down. I hate when trailers show you all the best parts of the movie. In some cases you might as well skip the movie entirely because everything else that wasn't in the trailer is terrible. But even when the movie is good, you end up waiting for the moments from the trailer. There are even times when the movie is all about a mystery, but the trailer gives it away, ruining the whole thing. In the case of Watchmen I have read the graphic novel so I know what to expect to an extent, but I'm avoiding all other spoilers.

I did the same thing over the summer with The Dark Knight and with Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (by the way, one of the worst titles EVER). I knew I was going to see these movies. The only thing a trailer could do was ruin it. So when I was in theaters, I covered my eyes and ears and hummed. I didn't look up anything online, until my co-worker assured me that the Indy trailer didn't give anything away. I watched it, saw that it gave away a ton of shit, and I got really pissed at him.

Maybe it 's partly from the my experience working in this business, or maybe it's just from watching way too many movies growing up, but I end up predicting what's going to happen on TV shows and in movies a lot on my own even without spoilers or trailers. So when I can avoid them, I do, because it makes the moviegoing experience much better.

In closing, if you tell me any Watchmen spoilers (especially about this supposed "new ending" that I couldn't avoid hearing about) I will cut you. Back the fuck off.

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