Monday, March 23, 2009

Woke up at 3:30am

I went to bed last night around 12:30. I woke up three hours later with an idea for a tv show and an idea for a comedy sketch. I grabbed my notebook, and wrote them down. Neither was especially brilliant upon later reflection, but they were worth writing down I guess. The only problem was, once I was awake, I couldn't get back to sleep. I was lying there, eyes closed, under the covers in a dark room, and no matter what I did I just wouldn't sleep. Eventually I gave up on the idea of sleep, got up early, and watched the second episode of Kings on Hulu (it was good).

As I was pulling into the office (already starting to feel tired) I got a text from MissCrazy, who true to form wanted to pretend like there hadn't been a fight. This is what she did the previous three times we broke up. I was just sitting down in the office, I was tired, and I had a phone call in half an hour with a woman who writes for a very prominent prime time TV show who was giving me notes on my spec pilot. So I told MissCrazy that I couldn't talk that morning,

I texted her later, telling her that I was sorry for blowing her off, and that when she had said on Friday that she was tired of all this I agreed with her, and I felt like we needed to take a break because I didn't like fighting. She seemed to accept it and take it pretty well, and even as I write this texted me again to say that she thinks I'm very sweet and wished me the best.

She was a nice girl, and it was good while it lasted, but it was due to end. I am glad I was able to get out without her thinking I was a complete asshole though. It's one of those things that I feel I need everyone to like me, even the women I break up with.

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