Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why I write an anonymous blog

I don't advertise this blog anywhere. You won't find links to it on my facebook page, I don't have a twitter widget installed on it, and I haven't even mentioned it to my friends.

Saturday night I was walking down the street to a Chinese restaurant with a couple friends, and one of them commented on how I write some very noticeable facebook status messages. He said I should start writing a blog. I didn't tell him that I've been doing it for months.

I have difficulty keeping things bottled in. Every girlfriend I've ever had has become very aware of this fact. When something's bugging me, or simply just on my mind, I have a need to say it out loud, or at least in a email. When I keep it all inside I either forget a really great point I was about to make, or I just get frustrated. As you can imagine, it gets annoying to my friends sometimes, especially if I've been by myself all afternoon itching to get a rant out and lay it on one of them as soon as I seem them.

By writing things down here, it helps me get them out. For example, today my boss asked, "what did you do last night." He didn't ask to be sociable. He asked to see if I'd done any work after I left the office yesterday. The guy doesn't pay me overtime, doesn't pay me benefits, and my pay is crap for a job that requires experience and education, and yet working until 7:30 or 8pm every night and taking work home every weekend isn't enough, now he acts like I'm a slacker if I didn't read and write coverage for two scripts when I'm home every night. Keep in mind that this is the same guy who recently asked me why I don't find more great and obscure graphic novels for the company to look at. So fuck him, I'm going to rant into my blog on company time instead.

That right there was a rant that would have been seething inside me all day until I was able to tell it to one of my roommates, who frankly hear enough of my rants and should be spared. So that's why I write this blog.

I keep it anonymous because I don't want to edit myself. I want to be able to talk about the people in my life who drive me crazy sometimes without them reading it right after. In a lot of ways it's much easier to be brutally honest with a complete stranger, because they aren't in your life.

If an readership did find this blog, that would be fine. In some instances I'd be very interested in comments and reactions to some of the things I write. But I want that to happen on it's own. I'm not interested in trying to promote myself over the internet. To a large extent this blog is more like a personal journal that I look back through on my own. And since the internet isn't going anywhere anytime soon, I imagine I'll be able to look back on this for a long time.

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