Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Paddy's vs Cinco de Mayo

I live in LA now, but grew up in Boston. I've found that the holidays of St. Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo have reversed in importance when I moved from one city to the other.

In Boston, St. Patrick's Day is a pretty big freaking deal. You grow up knowing at least 5 kids named "Sully" in Boston, so when St. Paddy's comes around you can barely walk down the street without being bombarded by green shamrocks and pints of Guinness. And I love it.

Cinco de Mayo on the other hand, is a holiday that you don't realize has arrived until you're in a bar that night and notice they have a special on tequila shots.

In LA, it's the opposite. There are a few bars that make an attempt at the "Irish" theme, and the local radio hosts do some of the worst attempts at Irish accents ever. They try, and people like the chance to wear green, but it's not nearly the same.

But Cinco de Mayo is a fucking experience out here. EVERYBODY goes totally nuts. Obviously it makes sense given the ethnic breakdowns of Boston vs LA, but it's still amusing and worth note.

In other news, I spent about half an hour in the office this morning applying to another job at ABC. Chances are I either won't get it, or it'll turn out to be a job that pays less than I make now so I won't want to take it, but just in case it was worth doing.

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